33 thoughts on “Paris Travel Guide

  1. Nathalie Lc says:

    Two points :

    – tapping system for everyday travellers exists in Paris (Pass Navigo). You see a recharging kiosk behind the guy when he was talking about the absence of tapping system in Paris metro.. funny. Paper tickets are for occasionnal travelers.
    – despite the 1hour journey time fron the Airport, Roissy Bus can be a good deal if you are going in the Opéra area. You avoid to cummute for metro or bus when you arrive to central Paris and save time.

  2. FuckdasketsHOPassass says:

    Paris is the most overrated city in Europe I swear, expensive food everywhere and hard to even find a cheap place like MacDonald's, people are miserable as fuck apart from a few nice fun people (mainly the women) expensive beer, only place I found with reasonable prices to drink was the Latin Quarter

    and not to mention the racism, for a place that sees itself as the height of European culture they sure aren't with their racism

  3. Frank E. Blasi says:

    We did some research on Paris before visiting this city earlier this month, and we were warned by other visitors of pickpockets and sham taxi drivers, especially after alighting at Gare du Nord from the Eurostar train after arriving from London.
    So we carried all money, bank cards, return train tickets, and passports, in our waist money belts worn under our clothing. From that vantage, it is nigh impossible for the thief to get at our valuables without us being aware of any of them having a feel round.
    Result: An enjoyable break enhanced with our minds at peace.

  4. Jarryd Lee says:

    My wife and I recently visited Paris and we watched this video probably 10x before we hopped the pond leaving from fort lauderdale, FL to Orly in Paris and I just wanted to leave you a HUGE Thank You for making this, it sincerely helped stream line our vacation/honeymoon. The editing, camera work and monologues are always on point. Please Keep the Videos Coming!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Only thing I hated about Paris was the number of scam artists around. I seemingly couldn't got 5 feet anywhere near a major attraction without someone hounding to sell me something or someone trying to get me to sign their bs petition in order to try and extort me for money or pickpocket me. Really lessoned my experience having to dodge scammers when I am trying to admire the beauty of a city. The Parisian government should really do something about them.

  6. David Derks says:

    Agreed — Charles de Gaulle Airport is probably the worst airport I've been at. That being said, Paris is one of my favorite cities, and I really enjoy the French. I'm not sure I get why people say the French are rude…they've always been a pleasure to be around. I've even had a couple of the ladies hold me by the hand and guide me when I was a little lost 😀 I do agree with getting off the beaten path to try local food – I had the BEST salmon in one restaurant that was hidden in an alley.

  7. frohyu1 says:

    Just a tip, when traveling by Metro, always keep the ticket. Since I'm not used to use public transportation I threw it away in the nearest waste basket. Minutes after taking the green line, a police woman in green uniform was checking everyone had their tickets and since I didn't had one they force to get out of the metro in the next stop and try to make me give them €80. Of course I don't speak French so I didn't understand what they we're saying. After about 20 minutes they finally let me go. OF COURSE I REFUSED TO PAY ANYTHING.

  8. Justin Cho says:

    Love your video, but please do Madrid. I've never been there, but I've always had this hunch that it is my favorite city in the world, or will be when I go there someday.

  9. Brian Jew says:

    On the way up to Sacre Coeur there are people selling "string bracelets". Avoid them and keep your hands busy, they bully you into paying them for the bracelet they tricked you into letting them put on you. Not as bad as pick-pockets but still a nuisance.

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