37 thoughts on “New York City Travel Guide

  1. Beike Wang says:

    I just really want to live far far away from midtown, too noisy and dirty. I think Chelsea or Nolita or LES is a good choice for living. A lot of affordable food and consumer goods. You can easily find a apartment.

  2. Angel Manon says:

    i used to be a bagger in a supermarket .. every sunday busses full of tourist used to come to visit the george washington house in manhattan .. so many rude people .. nah even thank you for putting they grocery in the bag ..

  3. MITCH MILNES says:

    Good tip with the train stations this is the most confusing with getting the correct line…Greatest city in the world, been a couple times this year and going again this month!

  4. ARVIN says:

    Come to New York in winter times, preferably around Christmas time to experience New York at its best. Summertime can really be disgusting and frustrating.

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