26 thoughts on “Vancouver Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. nauticadon says:

    What is the racial climate like in Van? I'm African American and thinking of visiting next year. I know there isn't a large black population there so is the city pretty welcoming?

  2. aria yousefi says:

    This was amazingly well done. I love the vivid colours of the city! I have just completed a video on Vancouver as well, that provides some different looks at the city and what it has to offer. Took an entire summers worth of video to put it together but all in all it looks great. I advise any of you to check the video out if you haven't yet made your decision on coming to our wonderful city!

  3. Jaylen Fast says:

    It's a good city if you like the outdoors and if you're raising a family or middle aged. If you're a young working professional this is not the place, city is too complacent and the actual downtown core can be walked in a couple hours. Get's boring FAST

  4. Nina Torees says:

    Guys I think about doing my masters in Canada in the future, so far I've been impressed with Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. Which one do you think is the best ? Especially for students

  5. Igor Salles says:

    Vancouver is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL city I've ever been to….I really miss it. It has the friendliest/good looking people I've ever met…Mountains and ocean side by side…It's at the same time super cultural and perfect for people who love the outdoor. I had the time of my life over there:)

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