1. Mio Okayasu says:

    こんにちは? means Hello in Japanese!! (Konnichiwa!)
    Hi! My name is Mio who is living and raised in Tokyo. Im 19yo.
    I screamed when you said the next destination to Japan XD!
    Im watching your every single videos and having fun like traveling in NYC:) Japan is such an amazing place to travel ! I hope to see you in Tokyo;)
    Actually the weather in Japan, especially in the midsummer, is extremely hot and humid. So i recommend you guys that the best season to travel is from the end of May or the end of September☆ 
    Whenever you come to Japan, it would definitely be an amazing travel XD!!

    lots of love MIo;)

  2. Reina RainA says:

    Oh my god you're coming to Japan?!?!?!?!?!! I live in Tokyo and I'm so excited to maybe see you…? I will be so over the moon if you do a meet up in Tokyo! Love you! x
    ps I've been watching your videos every day since a long time ago I can't even remember

  3. emareee says:

    Amazing! I live in Tokyo and I'd love to meet you guys and show you around! I'll be climbing Mt. Fuji in July to watch the sun rise. You guys should too!! July is the perfect time to climb it! So many exclamations!! Very excited for you guys and I'm looking forward to the vlogs already! ^_^

  4. seranne pirie says:

    Im coming to NY next year, I have never been before we were thinking of coming in May/June. When would you recommend that I come? I would like it to be nice and warm 🙂 Love your videos so much they are getting me so excited for my trip over! Thank you

  5. Sam Torres says:

    Hope you guys visit the Philippines! Baler, Pagudpod in Ilocos Region or in Palawan. They have the best beaches! It's majestic there and im pretty sure you'll love it. Plus, filipinos are known to be the most hospitable people. Hope you guys enjoy your trip to Japan! 

  6. fruityterezia says:

    I love your videos so much! You and Jessica are truly so beautiful and nice people, I really hope I get to meet you one day!
    I just wanted to talk about something to Jessica and how she loves birds in general (like obvsly how can u not love the little cuties)..I know you are a vegetarian, which is great! I just think that you should be interested in the whole egg/dairy industry (well, according to the love you have for birds, mainly about the egg industry). Little male chickens are literally killed alive in a big grinding machine, hens have their beaks cut off and basically all of the beautiful birds are killed only to use their eggs for food (or they become a chicken steak).
    I know you both are very caring and loving people, so I think it should be fair for you too see the actual cruelty behind eggs, dairy, meat industries.
    this is a short clip which shows it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssOEJpBQErc
    I really just hope you watch it so you know what you are eating and know that you CAN live a better and happier life without contributing to the industries! Much love to both of you xx

    (could you please like this so Jess&Erik can see it?)

  7. Juliette T says:

    I'm about to leave for my next travel adventure! On Sunday I leave for LA, Mexico, and Cuba with my Salsa Team from NZ. We are going to LA for the Salsa Festival! So excited!

  8. Daniela Higa says:

    OMG OMG OMG You guys are going to Japaaan?! :'D I'm nikkei (person of Japanese descent), so this is very exciting for me!! I'd love to see how you document your experience there and also what you think of it. Is it for another surf event or is it a whole different thing? OMG I'm so happy!! This video just made my day :')))

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