1. Noicehockey says:

    For me the most important one is – never wear jeans with 100% cotton. Try to get stretch jeans or pants with 3-5% elastane so it will be much more comfortable that regular jeans.´╗┐

  2. Jose Vargas says:

    The best tip is: ask to the flight attendant for coke cola, some ice and a lot, A LOT of whiskey, make your drinks at your taste and get yourself drunk like a bitch, you will sleep like a baby for 12 hours (tested during JNB-JFK flight 15 hours and 45 minutes)´╗┐

  3. Brett Laing says:

    Just be mindful when taking off shoes as you may not be able to put them back on.. Also they havent just mopped the bathroom floor – That may not be water and a urine soaked sock is going to spoil your day. Take some slip on flip flops with you incase you take off your shoes and you need to walk around. Also ensure you put shoes on for landing and take off in case of an evacuation is required… aircraft debris and asphalt can seriously hurt you plus running through fuel etc if a crash..´╗┐

  4. Jerome Sas says:

    Long flights is dreadful. I recommend to use Zensufu Compression Socks for your long flights because passengers get better blood circulation and do not get tired feet. it is also comfortable to use.´╗┐

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