42 thoughts on “Shanghai Travel Guide

  1. Lost Cloud says:

    MAGLEV MAGLEV! damn I loved it!
    Great vid guys, I was in Shanghai when you put it up lol… been home 1 week now & tbh 3 weeks in china & it felt more "me" than australia ever will.

  2. Sally K says:

    What an amazing city and video! 🙂 I saw your videos for the first time today and I'm sure it'll be my favorite YouTube channel ever
    hope you visit Seoul someday !!! :)

  3. Eric C says:

    I haven't been to Shanghai since 2011. Has it changed much since then? It's one of my favorite cities in the world despite the taxi scams and scammers on Nanjing Road.

  4. Joseph Stalin says:

    it's nice to have street food vendors but then the hygiene could be a problem as well. so the shanghai municipal government want to rid them to improve on residents' health conditions. I have been to Shanghai constantly since 1995 and I speak mandarin….I seen them all. btw. most shopkeepers, waitresses and taxi drivers are not shanghaies, mainly from the other Chinese provinces. Most shanghaiese are either at work in offices and factories or retired with a good pension exercising in parks.

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