21 thoughts on “Iceland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. instant5771 says:

    Please correct the pervasive grammar errors throughout your videos, as you sound like idiots, represented at 1:48: "Reykjavík is one of those places that ARE [not "is"] not sure if THEY ARE big towns…"
    Rearrangement shows correctness: "Of those place that ARE not sure if they are big towns, Reykjavík is one."
    "Are" agrees with its subject "that," whose antecedent is "places," which is PLURAL! "Of those places" is a qualifying phrase; otherwise, it would be stated "Reykjavík is a place that is not sure if it is a big town…"

  2. lovecat says:

    Who made this video? The low frequency monotone sounds are used by the military to disable enemy soldiers! The blaring , loud music drowned out the commentary. Not informative at all… Nice video shots is about all that is good in the 14 minutes.

  3. Cáca Milis sa Seomra Spraoi says:

    I've been saving up for almost a year now, on minimum wage, cutting back on nights out and the occasional splurge, just so I can travel to Iceland for a month next year. Growing up in the middle of nowhere in Ireland has awakened an absolute love for nature, landscapes and stories, and although Ireland will always be my one true love, I think I can have a bit of Iceland on the side ;)

  4. Mech Anima says:

    Booked my iceland flights. Been wanting to go for years, now I get to fulfill this dream! Taking my high powered camera with me to try and capture the soul of iceland. Can't wait!

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