35 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE carry on guide for flights ✈️ | Tips from a travel PRO

  1. Brynne Cayer says:

    If you're looking for a new external battery for charging your phone/ipad/kindle, I highly recommend the ravPower ones, I got mine on Amazon.ca for $35 and it charged my iPhone 6 about 5/6 times on one charge (I got the 13400 mAH Element Series one), and it's just a little bigger than a deck of cards (same thickness and width but about 1.5 times longer).

  2. MadHatter MA says:

    thanx for all the ideas this was awesome ! I'm going to Cali for 3 weeks in a while also anyone else think she looks like demi Lovato a bit ? XD whatever your awesome as you and ur tips !!

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